Victorian Style Kitchen

One of the most popular styles of home and kitchen is Victorian. The style was pulled from Europe and has quite a few key features. Some of the features that are included are beautiful and elegant materials, a color palette that is soft and pleasing to the eyes and classic furniture that is usually considered antique. The real challenge of the process is getting everything you need to make your Victorian style kitchen come together. We are Mass Tile and we have a huge collection of cabinetry, floors, and lighting that you can use to make your dream kitchen a reality.

The first thing you need to know about the setup of a Victorian style kitchen is that it is designed with lots of open space. We have the cabinets you need to help fill your walls and keep the space open. You can get a large selection of different types of woods so that it will be the perfect grain and color to compliment your floors. There is usually a lot of cabinet space needed since there is more open space in the kitchen. You have to be able to prepare for your custom kitchen by planning for how much counter and cabinet space you actually need.

Once it becomes time to work on your floors you are going to want to make it contrast the color of your cabinets. If you had cream colored cabinets you may want to go with something like black marble tile. Mable tile has a very detailed appearance, which makes it ideal for use in a Victorian kitchen. You could also use a dark wood such as cherry or hickory. Both of these darker colors will go on to compliment the rest of your kitchen.

When the floor and the cabinets are done it is time to move on to the counter tops. You want the counter tops to contrast the cupboards just like the floor. Most people choose to get a dark quartz countertop to go with their theme. The color is really gritty, yet clean, making it ideal for the person who is trying to pay very close attention to detail.

The last thing you need to think about with your kitchen is the lighting. You should try to go for a soft light that really shows off the details of your antiques and beautiful cabinet setup. You could try getting 4 or 6 low watt bulbs and put them throughout the room with shades, this will make the light softer and the appearance more appealing.

Overall once you are done with your project you should be very proud of the results. If you know where to get the right cabinets, flooring, and countertops you will be able to make whatever vision you have for your Victorian kitchen a reality. We have everything you could possibly need plus accessories for your new kitchen. Visit our showroom or website today and find out what kind of amazing deals you can get on your journey to building a custom kitchen.