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Count on MASS TILE for quality Ceramic, Porcelain, Quartz, Glass tiles, mosaics and Stone installation. We are retailers and installers and we are ready to service projects of any size. We have everything you need from start to finish: A friendly, knowledgeable staff, Take-Home Sample Service, On-Site Consultation, Free Estimates, Guaranteed Installation. Our expert installation team, installing your floors, walls, countertops, fireplaces, etc. with a level of quality and precision that is unmatched in the industry. We provide services in commercial, industrial and residential tile renovation.

Tile installation can be easy to do yourself. However, flooring and wall tiling are a major project and no matter how easy they may seem, there are dozens of steps that you may be overlooking. Our professional installers have the advantage of knowing their way around tiles and walls of all different materials, sizes, shapes, and conditions. They’re not going to show up at your home with the wrong grout or forget a tool at the store. They’re going to help you choose tile that fits your needs, your style, and your budget. They know the latest trends, which are always changing, and their experience allows them to visualize what will fit your  style and what won't. You’ll be able to rest while professional installers do their job and everybody wins!

Tile floors provide that clean, beautiful, natural feel for any room. They’re popular choices for kitchens and bathrooms because they protect the floors from water damage, keep the floors from becoming slippery, and there are plenty of stunning options available for every taste and style. But tile itself is only a portion of the luxury that awaits your new floors.

We have had the luxury of working with some great clients over the years, and helped bring their visions to life.Here is some of our tile and cabinetry work n the past that was designedand installed by our team::

Our happy customers were satisfied over the affordable price and quality of work they received.  We recommend you to get your installer involved early. Some materials (like glass tiles, metal tile or moisture-sensitive stone) require special installation techniques, cutting tools and adhesives. Letting your professional tile installer know what you plan to buy will help ensure a realistic installation estimate.

The professional team at  has been dedicated to quality tile craftsmanship and customer satisfaction for over 3 years. Our philosophy is simple: integrity is the foundation of every project. Whether a multi-complex facility or a minor renovation, we employ the same guidelines for value management, scheduling, budgeting, coordination, and follow-up to ensure a successfully completed project every time.

These are some of the quality cabinet designs our company has completed for customers throughout the greater Boston area. Let our installation team of expert cabinet installers make your dream come true.

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